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Electrotherapy is a physiotherapy method based on application of dosed effect of electric currents, electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields on organism.

During electrotherapy electricity is used for therapeutic purposes as a pain-killer and sedative for treating such diseases as neuralgia, convulsions, paralysis, diseases stimulating or irritating neuromuscular system, increased atrophy, joint rheumatism, some gynecopathies, neurasthenia, hysteria and other diseases. Electrotherapy involves almost all types of electric energy: galvanic current, faradic current, high-voltage and high-frequency currents, static electrotherapy (franklinization), darsonvalism and X-rays.

Pulse current electrotherapy (SMC, DDT, TENS) in combination with ultrasonic and vacuum therapy provides apparent analgesic action, relaxing and hypotensive actions.

Electrotherapy methods:

- amplipulse therapy
- diadynamotherapy
- galvanization
- medicinal electrophoresis
- electric stimulation
- fluctuorization
- interference therapy, etc.

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