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Viscose pockets

Viscose pockets

Viscose pockets K1, K2, K3 are designed for physiotherapy procedures. Having opened the pack before application, it is necessary to wash the pockets with suds (soap) in warm flowing water. After the first application and between the procedures the pockets shall be stored in a well-closed plastic bag at the ambient temperature below +5ºС. Before the procedure, the pockets shall be moistened, have good appearance and colour, without any signs of mould, mechanical damage and unpleasant odor. After application, the pockets shall be sterilized by boiling in distilled water for 10 min.

Device structure.
A viscose electrode with conductive silicone consists of two main parts:
- conductive silicone plate;
- viscose pocket.
The conductive silicone plate is inserted into the moistened viscose pocket and has a treatment cable socket.

Safety requirements.
The pocket shall be well moistened and squeezed before the procedure. The electrode should fit tight against the contact surface. The electrodes should not be moved or adjusted during the procedure (during current feed). Never use faulty treatment cable for procedures in order to avoid patient’s electric shock. In case of patient’s “twitching” by current make sure that the treatment cable is not damaged – change the cable by the new one, the faulty cable send for repair.

Never use worn conductive silicone plates. Specific porosity of conductive silicone is a sign of it being worn out. Conductive silicone is exposed to quick wearing during galvanization and electrophoresis by direct current GC. Never use worn viscose pockets.

Work procedure.
1. Before the procedure, make sure that all electrode components are in good order.
2. Moisten electrode’s viscose pocket well by clean warm water and squeeze it slightly.
3. Insert conductive silicone plate into the moistened pocket.
4. Connect the treatment cable to the conductive silicone plate and electrotherapy device.
5. Safely fix the applied electrode on the required part of the patient’s body using a bag with sand, rubber tourniquet, elastic bandage, etc.
6. Turn on the device by which the procedure is held. Hold the procedure according to doctor’s prescriptions and device operating instructions.
7. Upon procedure completion, take off electrodes from the patient.
8. The electrodes should be sterilized after the procedure:
- viscose pocket undergoes boiling in distilled water for 10 min;
- silicone plate should be cleaned by disinfectant solution.
When using a viscose pocket individually, sterilization is not required.

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