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RADIUS-01 Inter

RADIUS-01 Inter

Being a portable physiotherapy device, RADIUS-01 Inter is designed for treatment by interferential currents.

Interferential currents therapy is based on application of medium frequency currents to painful body areas (approximately 4000 Hz) in two separate circuits via four electrodes. Currents frequency in both circuits differs in less than 100 Hz. As a result of these two currents application to the patient’s body a biologically active interferential current of 0-100 Hz frequency appears in the nidus.

Functional features:

- The current information is shown at the graphic LCD screen with backlight;
- Option for constant interferential frequency selection in the range 0-100 Hz;
- Automated mode for frequency adjustment ranging: 0-10; 25-50; 50-100; 90-100; 0-100 Hz;
- Automated current balance in both channels;
- Procedures having completed, current control is self-adjusted to zero;
- Automatic current-control protection – up to 40 mA;
- Current shock protection at one of the channels upon channel cut-off;
- Automated shut-down on completion with gradual current decrease and sound alarm.


- gastrointestinal tract (chronic colitis, gastroduodenitis, biliary tract dyskinesia, constipation, etc.);
- respiratory system (chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma at recovery stage, pneumonia, etc.);
- urogenital system (nephrolithiasis, chronic prostatitis, adnexitis, algodismenorrhea, etc.);
- joints (arthrosis, traumas, contractures, polyarthritis, etc.);
- peripheral nervous system (neuropathy, neurology, radiculitis, plexitis, ganglionitis, sympathoganglionitis, etc.);
- vertebral column (osteochondrosis, posture disturbances, spine traumas, Bechterew’s disease, etc.);
- vascular system (obliterated endarteritis, extremities vascular atherosclerosis, etc.).
- in cosmetology for treating excess weight.

Major characteristics:

Power consumption up to 30 W
Continuous operation 8 hours
Dimensions, NMT 275х190х90 mm
Weight, NMT 2.5 kg
Safety class (Insulation class) II
Warranty operation 12 months
Patient current up to 80 mА
Number of channels two
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