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RADIUS-01 Cranio

RADIUS-01 Cranio

Radius-01 Cranio is used to implement basic types of transcranial electrotherapy (TET) that found wide application in medical practice, namely:

- electric sleep therapy (Eson);
- transcranial electroanalgesia (TEA);
- transcranial electrical stimulation (TES);
- middiencephalic modulation (MDM);
- transcranial galvanization and electrophoresis (GC);
- transcranial interference therapy (TInt);
- therapeutic electrooptimisation (TEO).

Due to innovation methods of impact on cerebral structures, Radius-01 Cranio ensures positive results in treatment of the majority of common diseases, since any disease or pathologic process in organism disturb functional condition, adaptive mechanisms, corticovisceral interrelations which can be normalized by TET methods.

At the same time, the organism itself manages the arisen problems, while Cranio only “sets” it to the right functioning. That is important because such method does not misbalance the organism as in cases of classic drug-induced treatment. Transcranial electrotherapy (TET) is based on reflex and direct impact of pulse rectangular current on human cerebral structures. The impact is performed on patient’s head by galvanic, LF and MF pulse currents of low intensity (up to 15 mA).

At the same time, subcortical and stem formations located close to cerebral base and lumbar system are slightly exposed to pulse currents. As a result, their functional state changes greatly, vegetative management of different functions of the organism, central nervous system and corticosubcortical interrelations are improved. Patient treatment and rehabilitation for a wide range of diseases:

- stress, fatigue, sleep disturbance;
- for the purposes of psychophysical status normalization;
- posttraumatic healing process acceleration;
- alcohol, tobacco, drug and other addictions;
- as a preventive measure for immunodeficiency states;
- CNS functional state normalization;
- toxicosis of pregnancy, preparation for delivery;
- allergic diseases;
- nervous system disorders;
- closed craniocerebral injury consequences;
- I-II stage arterial hypertension;
- for pain relief purposes;
- stomach and duodenum ulcer;
- ischemic cardiac disease.

Major characteristics:

Power consumption up to 30 W
Continuous operation 8 hours
Dimensions, NMT 320х300х105 mm
Weight, NMT 3.5 kg
Safety class (Insulation class) II
Warranty operation 12 months
Patient current up to 15 mА
Number of channels two + one


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