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Radius-Magnet is a locally developed, non-imported modern medical device, having microprocessor-based control and home software.

The device is designed for magnetotherapy procedures by an alternating magnetic field (MF) effecting lesions, including intracavitary areas, and can be applied in urology, gynecology, traumatology, sports medicine, for treatment of patients suffering from vertebrogenic diseases of nervous system, joint diseases, respiratory diseases, digestion disorders, renal diseases, ENT diseases, surgical and skin diseases.

The device is supplied with a set of special magnetic field emitter that provides practically all types of procedures according to well-known methods of LF magnetotherapy. Device emitters that contact with the patient’s body are made of nontoxic materials approved by the Ministry of Health and resistant to cleaning and disinfection.

Radius-Magnet successfully passed clinical tests and obtained positive reviews by leading experts of City Clinical Hospital No. 9, Maternity Hospital of Minsk region, National Scientific and Practical Centre for neurology and neurosurgery, Healthcare Establishments. Registration Certificate No. IM-7.96575 of the Belarusian Ministry of Health. Standard TU BY 100172712.004-2010.

The device can be effectively applied in in-patient and out-patient medical preventive establishments in room, ward or physiotherapy department environment, recreation centres, sports and health-improving establishments, as well as at home for treatment of patients suffering from different diseases.

Major characteristics:

Power consumption up to 100 W
Frequency of alternating MF, Hz, range 0,1 - 200
Dimensions, NMT 320х300х105 mm
Weight, NMT 3.0 kg
Active MF magnitude on emitter surface, mTesla, NMT 50
Pulse MF amplitude on emitter surface, mTesla, NMT 150
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